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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year. Railroader Pride.

Attendance Calendars: Click here for the 2016-2017 USD 373 District Calendar Click here for the 2016-2017 NHS Calendar with B & G Days

Bell Schedule (New - Begins 2016 Sep 19)

Sun Moon Scope (Use 38N and 97W) (Change the minutes to 0)


Azimuth is number of degrees east of north.

Altitude is number of degrees above horizon.

CK-12 HS Earth Science Chapter 24

Lunar Phases

Why Do We Have A Two Faced Moon?


Moon Phase Simulations

Projectile and Orbital Motion Simulations

Examine and use each of the following simulations.

1. Shoot a Cannonball into Orbit

‍2. Planetary Motion (JavaScript) Planetary Motion (plain)

3. Shoot Mars (Launch a projectile from Earth to Mars)

4. My Solar System

5. Gravity and Orbits

(Choose model for easier viewing or choose to scale)
New One (Challenge):

Satellite Motion Around the Earth


Carbon Cycle Lab

Record your responses in your Energy Resources Notes.

Part 1: Carbon Cycle: What is the carbon cycle?

Read the Carbon Cycle:
The Carbon Cycle.

Play the Carbon Cycle Game:
Carbon Cycle Game (Windows to the Universe)

1. What are the places that carbon is stored in the environment?
(Where did you travel?)

2. What are the processes that move the carbon from one place to another?
(How did you get there?)

Part 2: Carbon Footprint: What is a carbon footprint?

Do the Carbon Footprint Calculator:
Carbon Footprint Calculator (Nature Conservancy)

1. What are the factors that affect the carbon footprint?
(What are the items you had to mark?)

2. What is the carbon footprint that you calculated?
(What is the Total Footprint in Tons of CO2 per year?)

End of Lab

Energy Resources


Carbon Footprint Calculator (Nature Conservancy)


Carbon Cycle Game (Windows to the Universe)


Current conditions at Newton, Newton City/County Airport (KEWK) from National Weather Service

Newton KS Airport (KEWK) Weather from Weather Underground

Weather by WeatherBug

Sky Observing - Astronomy

Tonight's Sky

Star Gazers Episodes Also at WPBT.

School Songs

Useful Skills

2016-2017 NHS Student Handbook

Bell Schedule (New - Begins 2016 Sep 19)

What Students Really Need To Hear (video 6min)

Why Earth Science (video 6.5min)

How To Tell Time (video 5.5min)

1. Earth Science Concepts for High School (CK-12 FlexBook)

(This book is a little easier to read.)

2. Earth Science for High School (CK-12 FlexBook) Higher

(This book is a little more challenging.)

3. Conceptos de ciencias de la Tierra - en Espanol

(This book is written at a basic level in spanish.)

X. Wikipedia (English)

Y. Wikipedia (Espanol)

En Espanol:

Leo todo:

Capitulo 10: La historia de la Tierra

Escribe Repaso

Escala temporal geológica (Wikipedia espanol)

Leo todo:

Capitulo 12: Recursos Naturales

Leo por 02 de Marzo:

Diferencias entre masa y peso

Ley de la gravitación universal

Las leyes de la dinámica

Leyes de Newton

Isaac Newton


sol de luna la tierra

Leo e escribe una repaso (5-7-frases):

Fase lunar

tabla periódica

Enlace químico


Fisión nuclear y Fusión nuclear


Energía (desambiguación)

Tiempo y Clima

Procesos atmosféricos


Respiración celular

Respiración aeróbica

Capítulo 1: ¿Qué es la ciencia?

CK-12 Simulations

CK-12 Simulations


Google Classroom

Report Research

Microsoft Office 365

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